Software Solutions to Revitalize Any Small Business

Celeste Patel is a contributing writer for NeoPG. Along with being an accomplished journalist, she is also responsible for overseeing paid media, in addition to leading operational strategies. She is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, but is now based in Seattle.

If you’ve been operating your small business for a while, you could be feeling like it’s time for a refresh. After all, each year you gain more experience as a small business owner, and you also learn more from your staff and your customers about areas where you could improve. One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to revitalize your business is by adopting a new software solution that helps you more easily do the work you need. Any of the software suggestions on this list will boost your business, regardless of industry.

Focus on growth with software from Manobyte

In order to really level up your business, you need to create growth. However, it can be difficult to find a path forward with so many options available to you. Thankfully, can offer you a proven five-stage process and approach to increase growth sustainably in your company. Using through-channel marketing, as well as inbound marketing strategies and distributor marketing, Manobyte can help you identify the areas where you’re already performing well. Manobyte can also help you figure out how to leverage your successes and fix your weaknesses to truly achieve growth.

Built to harness a variety of platforms such as HubSpot, SEMRush, Google Analytics, and Salesforce, you’ll have all the tools you need to boost growth. This means you’re bound to succeed whether you’re focusing on encouraging remote sales or taking a targeted, account-based marketing approach for your business. The cumulative result is a powerful approach to growth that works to honor your strategic priorities while harnessing a variety of inbound solutions and your existing distribution network.

Achieve your goals with Workboard

If your team is feeling like they aren’t on the same page, it may be worth introducing a new framework to the way you work. Adapting the objectives and key results approach, also known as OKR, can really help you unify the way your employees collaborate and achieve mission-critical priorities within your company. It all starts with defining your major objectives and identifying what it will look like when those goals are achieved.

Workboard OKR software can help you monitor those goals from team to team, enabling you to achieve your quarterly goals much more seamlessly. Workboard’s platform offers a way to localize and align everyone in regards to their own OKR goals, while providing accountability each week. You’ll also be able to harness real-time data to see how you’re doing and discover what risks and results might look like when implementing a new OKR. All of this combines to offer your company a powerful software solution for revitalizing the way you work.

Create compelling social content with Adobe Spark

Social media content is becoming more and more important, but can take a lot of time to create. Even when you can schedule posts in advance, you still need to find new ways to repurpose existing content in order to continually engage your customers. Especially with COVID-19 forcing more businesses online, you may be realizing that you could be doing more with your social media feeds. This is where a platform like Adobe Spark comes in.

Adobe Spark helps you tell powerful visual stories in a manner of minutes. From social graphics to short animations or videos, Adobe Spark gives you a suite of tools and templates to streamline your approach to content creation. You can even input your logo and other branding elements like key fonts and colors to make creating branded content even easier. Especially when combined with a social media scheduling platform such as Sprout Social, Adobe Spark can significantly reduce the amount of time your marketing team spends each week on social content.