3 Business Finance Tips You Need To Know

Finley Patterson is the tech editor for NeoPG. She is based in Seattle and has written extensively for other online tech publications, including Wired and TechCrunch. She enjoys reading, playing music, and is an aspiring web designer and developer.

Running a successful business takes an ongoing flow of adjustments and partnerships. Keeping your brand afloat and moving toward success is something that takes constant work and a long and hard dedication to your craft. But forging ahead as your own boss is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.


Learning to direct your team’s spending and their revenue producing habits is a crucial part of success within the business world; and with these three powerful tips you can make a big splash in the office and on the balance sheet going forward.

1. Always utilize bank reconciliation practices for streamlined results.


Businesses and individual taxpayers are on the hook to justify their budget on a yearly basis. Keeping high quality accounting records is the best way to make the complex task of remaining within business tax compliance within New York or Cincinnati look easy. This means keeping track of any bank statements and bank accounts you may have associated with your business, as well as keeping a tight lid on any spending during seasonal drops in revenue. Conducting weekly or monthly accounting of your budgetary health is simply a part of doing good business. However, this time consuming task can be automated to great effect. With bank reconciliation practices nowadays you can automatically collate bank account records, and pattern out spending habits and corporate income so that you can keep track of your financial outlook in real time.


Years ago, business teams had to conduct their reconciliation process by hand. This would mean hours of additional work after the business day had ended, to then check multiple records against one another as part of efforts to justify reporting. This is an essential process because businesses tend to have multiple credit and cash balance accounts in a number of different locations. The complexities of business mean that a fuller picture of the overall health of the enterprise can be difficult to ascertain with a simple, cursory look at the numbers. Bank reconciliation is the process by which these accounts are collated and made to be intelligible within the grand scheme of the accounting process. But with the advent of automated bank account reconciliation, these processes are no longer the responsibility of bleary eyed accountants–the adjustments are made automatically with the help of external processes, leaving your team to focus on the task of expansion and revenue growth.

2. Engage directly with your marketing and sales teams.


Marketing and sales are two of the most important teams within any business. To create the revenue that allows for salaries to be paid and new products and services to be rolled out, your current lineup must succeed. This success is driven by a strong marketing presence and a sales team that understands the consumer needs and the solution that your product delivers to them.

Keeping a close line of communication open with these sectors of your business is crucial to creating the space for success that will continue to drive your office farther along its route to success.

3. Remember to create and foster continued partnerships across and beyond business sectors.


Finally, partnerships are essential for any business to succeed: You just can’t do it alone. Take a page out of legendary New York lawyer, Howard Fensterman’s book. Mr. Fensterman has enjoyed a career as a Long Island attorney for years and routinely builds relationships with the community as part of an effort to give back to the local area that has contributed so much to his success. He was appointed to serve on the New York State Public Health and Health Planning Council from 2008 to 2014, and has continued to serve his community and the public health needs of those within the state since then, holding other roles.


Mr. Fensterman is an advocate for public health and safety measures and works hard in business and his free time to ensure that both national and statewide health law and local policy provide the best care to New Yorkers, regardless of their background or financial circumstances. A total approach to your chosen field, like this one, is a great way to continually create a rewarding environment for yourself and your staff, while also remaining clued into the business opportunities that may later present themselves. When you create and nourish partnerships within and beyond your sector of the overall marketplace, you create the space needed to constantly understand and adjust to the changing market itself. Keeping an open mind and an open door is the best way to encourage these turns of fate that stand to benefit you and your company.


Similarly, it’s incredibly important to always make a great first impression when meeting with new clients or prospective business partners. Keeping a wardrobe of highly professional ankle pants for women as part of your lineup, as well as jackets and professional shoes is the best way to set yourself up to garner constant successes throughout your career. First impressions count, they form powerful emotions within the minds of the people that you will meet on a daily basis, and can inform decision making practices down the road when it comes time to formalize a business deal or sales agreement. To always make sure that your company’s interests are represented as glowingly as possible, you must ensure that your appearance and demeanor are up to the task of winning over clients and friends.


Business is a world of fast paced movements. To stay on top of the trends and trials that face your particular industry, it’s important to always approach opportunities with an open mind and keep a firm account of your company’s position, both financially and of personnel capabilities. Always work to stay ahead of the curve by keeping your business agile and powered by information and professionalism. These trends will never go out of fashion and have been making or breaking businesses for as long as humans have engaged with each other in trade. Make smart decisions in order to create a brand that is constantly on the rise.