NeoPG Team

NeoPG’s success can be attributed to our talented team of technology, business, and journalistic experts who work worldwide. We are passionate about leading the way in professional advancements, as well as personal discovery. We are redefining what is possible and important within the publication and news industry.

Purpose-Driven Journalism

With headquarters in both Seattle and San Francisco, NeoPG has grown into a collective of nearly 40 writers, experts, influencers, and researchers who work tirelessly to keep up with the developments and trends.
Lexi Reyes is our Seattle-based Editor-in-Chief. She has been an editor and writer for over a decade. She has contributed to a variety of publications from Los Angeles Times to Huffington Post. An entrepeanuer from an early age, she has a passion for helping others reach their goals.
Business Editor
Collin Richards joined NeoPG as Business Editor in 2019. He is also the San Francisco–based editor, and prior to joining NeoPG, he was a content writer and designer at Vox. He is also a successful podcaster and teaches a adjunct photography courses at local community colleges.
Tech Editor
Finley Patterson is the tech editor for NeoPG. She is based in Seattle and has written extensively for other online tech publications, including Wired and TechCrunch. She enjoys reading, playing music, and is an aspiring web designer and developer.
Editorial Assistant
Micah Ross joined NeoPG as a San Francisco-based editorial assistant in 2020. After graduating from New York University, Micah began his career as a freelance writer for a variety of online publications. Micah then spent several years researching business industry trends and news.
Contributing Writer
Celeste Patel is a contributing writer for NeoPG. Along with being an accomplished journalist, she is also responsible for overseeing paid media, in addition to leading operational strategies. She is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, but is now based in Seattle.
Staff Writer
San Francisco–based staff writer at NeoPG, Emanuel is responsible for running the site’s daily news updates, in addition to reporting on larger editorial pieces and covering special tech and business trends. He graduated from UCLA before moving San Francisco as a content strategist for several tech startups.
Staff Writer
Cat Berry works across NeoPG's platforms and departments, strategizing and developing content that reflects our readers' inquiries and needs in order to best engage and serve our diverse audiences on the topics that matter. She is a former publicist and runs a successful inspirational blog.
Staff Writer
Marvin Taylor is one of our talented and knowledgable contributing writers. He is responsible for delivering well-researched, high-impact tech, business, and marketing articles, in addition to contributing to our editorial pieces.

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