How to Start a Tech Company in the Automotive Industry

Collin Richards joined NeoPG as Business Editor in 2019. He is also the San Francisco–based editor, and prior to joining NeoPG, he was a content writer and designer at Vox. He is also a successful podcaster and teaches a adjunct photography courses at local community colleges.

If startups like Uber and Lyft are anything to base your thoughts on, it’s clear that there’s a place for tech startups to make a major splash in the world of automobiles. Companies like Uber and Lyft are just the tip of the automotive iceberg when it comes to businesses that leverage technology to improve upon various aspects of the automotive sector. Carvana has reinvented what the business process looks like for vendors looking to sell vehicles. Even developers like Tesla illustrate how tech features can play a major role in the design and manufacture of new cars. As you can see, the sector is ripe for innovation in the United States and beyond.

Once you’ve decided to focus on the intersection of the tech and auto industries for your new startup, it’s time to start a plan. Without a strong business plan, you may struggle to stay on schedule and ultimately launch your business in the right amount of time. You don’t need years of experience to be a disruptor to the automotive industry. That being said, it is important to follow a few set philosophies when it comes to creating your startup. Read on for a few tips and tricks worth keeping in mind as you work to get your new business venture off the ground.

Come up with an exciting idea.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but it certainly bears repeating. It doesn’t matter how great of a software developer you are; if you don’t have a great idea, it’ll be hard to attract a team of collaborators and funding. The above companies all have bold concepts at their heart. Uber and Lyft wanted to reinvent how rides are hailed. Tesla wanted to create premium electric cars. Carvana wanted to eliminate the dozens of hurdles in the car-buying process. Exciting ideas don’t just establish the trajectory for your company, either. With a truly thrilling idea, you’ll find more success as you launch your company since you’ll attract more potential investors and actually be able to make your dreams a reality. Keep in mind that there are plenty of fast-paced careers in tech. Having the most attractive business model can make a difference to a project manager, software engineer, or mobile app developer looking to get their next job.

Know where to source vehicles.


You’ll need to know as you work to create your new business venture to find inexpensive cars. Whether you’re looking to flip used vehicles online or are trying to amass a large inventory of vehicle parts, the right vendor can make a big difference in getting great deals on a Toyota, Ford, or Honda. One way to really save is by using automotive auctions to source a portion of your inventory. By searching for cars for sale in Nigeria and other countries and dealing with the import and export process, it’s possible to get the best prices in the world, even if you’re based in the United States.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew.


As you work to build your business, you mustn’t overcommit to different aspects of the company. Having others to help you manage different business processes doesn’t just introduce you to new ideas; it also helps you manage the considerable workload of starting a new company. Sometimes, it can be in your best interest to look into software outsourcing services to get the job done right. Software outsourcing allows you to tap professionals with serious technical expertise to help you with web application development, software testing, and more. Whether you’re looking to keep your operating costs consistent or don’t know the first thing about the technical skills required to handle machine learning implementations, outsourcing your team can offer your business the new ideas and technical skills necessary to thrive truly.