What Makes Perry Mandera’s Place In the Transportation Industry Significant?

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Perry Mandera is the chief executive officer (CEO) and founder of The Custom Companies, Inc., which is one of the largest transportation providers in North America. He’s also a philanthropist and a strong supporter of the military.

Mandera’s place in the transportation industry is significant because of his commitment to customer service, his innovative approach to business, and his dedication to giving back to the community. In this article, we’ll explore these points and more to show the impact Perry Mandera has had on the transportation and logistics industry. Keep reading to learn more about Perry Mandera’s accomplishments in the industry.

A Reputation for Reliability and Quality Workmanship

Since Perry Mandera founded his transportation company, The Custom Companies, Inc. in 1986, it has become known for its reliability and quality workmanship. Today, the company is one of the largest transportation providers in the country, thanks in part to Mandera’s dedication to putting his customers first. In addition to providing top-notch service, Mr. Mandera’s company also offers competitive rates, making it an attractive option for businesses and individuals alike. What’s more, the company employs a team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to meeting the needs of its clients. Thanks to Mr. Mandera’s reputation for excellence, his company is a leader in the transportation industry.

A Commitment to Customer Service


If there’s one thing that Perry Mandera knows how to do, it’s to provide top-notch customer service. His company, The Custom Companies, Inc., has been recognized time and time again for its commitment to customer satisfaction. In fact, Perry himself has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Transportation, and it’s clear why.

His company has a wide variety of transportation services to offer, from trucking and logistics to warehousing and freight forwarding. His team of experts is always available to help customers choose the right services for their needs and to answer any questions they may have. This commitment to customer service is what has set them apart from the competition and made them one of the most respected names in the transportation industry.

An Innovative Approach to Business

Perry’s innovative approach to business quickly turned The Custom Companies into one of the most successful transportation companies in the country. Today, The Custom Companies is a billion-dollar enterprise with a nationwide reach.

What makes Perry Mandera’s approach to business so innovative? For one thing, he’s always been willing to embrace new technologies and innovative business models. He was one of the first transportation executives to recognize the potential of dock management systems, and he was quick to embrace Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) platforms and other cutting-edge technologies.

Perry’s innovation has helped him build a successful business, but it’s also helped him create jobs and support the economy. His innovative approach to business has made him a significant player in the transportation and logistics industry, and it’s a big reason why The Custom Companies is one of the most successful companies in the country.

His Dedication To Giving Back


Perry Mandera’s success in business is only part of what sets him apart in the transportation industry. Another reason for this special place in transportation is his dedication to giving back to the community.

For years, Mandera has been a major supporter of various established charities. However, he also places a special focus on his local communities and children in need. Mandera frequently offers support through monetary donations, volunteering transportation services, and even providing clothing and other essentials.

In addition to his work with local charities, Mr. Mandera also runs an annual campaign within his company to help employees identify people in need of assistance. This initiative allows him to identify individuals or families who may benefit from his philanthropic spirit and ease some of the stress during the holiday season.

Mandera’s dedication to giving back is one of the things that makes him such an important figure in the industry. He’s a role model for other business leaders and sets an example of how to be successful while also making a positive impact on the world.

A Significant Place in Transportation

Perry Mandera has made a significant impact on the field of transportation. Mr. Mandera secured this place thanks to his reputation for reliable and quality workmanship, commitment to customer service, innovative approach to business, and dedication to giving back. So, if you want to make a place in your industry, consider some of the ways that Mr. Mandera made it happen.