Do You Have the Right Growth Strategy?

Micah Ross joined NeoPG as a San Francisco-based editorial assistant in 2020. After graduating from New York University, Micah began his career as a freelance writer for a variety of online publications. Micah then spent several years researching business industry trends and news.

Working to diversify your growth strategy is a common goal for many investors across a broad spectrum of asset classes. Diversification is a grand strategy, but unfortunately, many investors and business owners simply don’t understand how to properly branch out into alternative investments or rebalance their portfolio at beneficial intervals.

Whether you are a real estate investor or a brand manager looking into how to start your own eyelash brand, identifying a growth strategy that works for your own private equity is crucial to finding success that will help you create the kind of wealth you desire for the future. Read on for some information about the various growth strategies out there, and to understand which is the best way for your money to start making more money.

Start with the stock market.

The stock market is the perfect training ground for anyone looking to bolster their financial diversification. Looking to diversify your growth strategy is crucial, and the stock market is the perfect place to learn how. That being said, once you’ve cut your teeth on the stock market it’s great to look to alternative investments. Alternative investments are a great way to continue growing your assets, but without the grounding in the stock market’s mutual funds, ETFs, and individual stock offerings.

The stock market, therefore, provides the underlying stability and learning opportunity that investors require in order to begin contemplating a means of branching out into alternative investments that will net higher returns and long-running profits. Legal pros, real estate brokers, and a broad spectrum of other professionals, like Malliha Wilson, a Toronto-based lawyer at Nava Wilson LLP, all agree that a strong foundation is essential to creating lasting wealth for the future, in all of your pursuits. Malliha is at the forefront of the legal landscape in Toronto and has a long history as the Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the Ontario Government, so she knows a thing or two about hard work and stability. Malliha Wilson is someone to emulate when it comes to bridging the divide seamlessly between practice and foundational knowledge.

The stock market is a unique learning platform that helps investors take advantage of the structure and stability of a trading floor underpinned by index funds and stalwart company holdings while giving free access to the fundamental metrics that make for great trading ideas. With the help of the marketplace’s research and mostly fluid momentum, retail investors can learn the ways in which disparate relationships affect stock and other commodity pricing, and take those lessons into other trading areas in order to continue a pattern of exponential growth.

Learn to leverage alternative investments.

Ideas for making alternative investments are born out of experience in a number of different asset classes and commodities. Learning to leverage alternative investments is the next step in your evolution as an investor. Alternative investments come in all shapes and sizes and range from business startups to more secure asset classes that you can hold over the long term. Gold bullion and real estate purchases are great alternatives to create a unique portfolio diversity and give you access to collateral for future buying opportunities.

Real estate, in particular, provides a great way to increase your net worth in short order. With years of experience under their belts, real estate investors have been growing large-scale portfolios for many generations. Property management is a great way to ride out market volatility in other sectors, and the introduction of rental income can help you pay off a mortgage loan or bolster your stock investments on a rolling basis month after month. Real estate also gives you leverage when borrowing for future assets, unlike other commodities. A property owner can utilize their home to tap into a hard money loan with a favorable interest rate in order to buy another investment property when market conditions are favorable, whereas a first-time buyer will have to rely on a financial institution’s traditional mortgage lending practices in order to break into this new market.

The best part of investing in the property market in the long-term trends in housing costs. Homes are growing in value at an alarming rate, and mortgage lending remains affordable for many investors. This means that borrowing to purchase a home will give you access to an increasing stream of income every year that grows in return as you continue to pay down the mortgage on the property. This relationship between income and operating costs is what has given high net worth investors an edge over their competition for years.

Consider business investments as well.

Looking for different types of investments is a great idea for an investor looking to branch out and grow their underlying principal. A diversification strategy is incomplete without market research that points to some uniquely left field investment opportunities. This may mean looking into funding a startup or two in your local area or opening a franchise location as a means of creating monthly returns. Many investors look to business opportunities as a great way to boost their profits over the long term. Small businesses are a driving factor behind the United States’ economic fortunes, even as the coronavirus has created an artificial depression in GDP growth during the last few quarters. Starting a small business is typically a great investment but requires a strong business plan in order to see constant growth and a building return on investment.

As with any investment strategy, building a base of cash requires you to do your homework. Make sure you understand the landscape of investments before you in order to earn a higher return than ever before.