Being Smarter About Your Smartphone

Celeste Patel is a contributing writer for NeoPG. Along with being an accomplished journalist, she is also responsible for overseeing paid media, in addition to leading operational strategies. She is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, but is now based in Seattle.

Not that long ago, smartphones would have seemed like science fiction to the average person. There are plenty of people alive today who grew up without cell phones, much less the super-powered smartphones that we have now. For something relatively new, smartphones already seem essential. The vast majority of American adults (and many American children) own a smartphone. Smartphones are now integral to tasks as varied as sending work emails and finding romantic partners.

For all of the many Americans with smartphones, though, a surprising number of us don’t know how to get the most out of them. All over the country, people are making mistakes with their smartphones. People pay too much for them, fail to protect them, underuse them, and put them at risk of malware and viruses. Here’s how to be smarter about your smartphone!

Research Your Decision

Buying a smartphone means making a big investment. We’ve trained ourselves to barely blink at smartphone prices that can go well north of $500 and, in many cases, end up above $1,000. But this is a ton of money, especially in a country where the typical person is frighteningly short on spare cash. This isn’t to say that you can’t invest in a great smartphone that costs a lot, but it does mean that you should be very careful about which one you buy.

So do your research! Don’t just head to the shop and let someone who works for your wireless carrier talk you into a particular phone. Instead, compare models and check out predictions about when new versions might emerge. Is your expensive brand-new phone going to be obsolete in a short period of time? Is a cheaper, older model likely to last nearly as long, or is it about to be phased out in a big way? Do your research and spend your money carefully!

Protect Your Smartphone

Making a big investment in a smartphone means that a lot of your eggs are in one basket. What happens if you drop your brand-new $1,000 phone?

Well, that all depends. Do you have a great case protecting your phone? What about insurance or an extended warranty plan? Protecting your smartphone is important, and not just because it’s a useful item. It’s a very, very expensive thing, and failing to protect it could cost you big-time.

Even the most careful smartphone owner can end up with a busted phone, though. Fortunately, you don’t have to panic just because you’ve shattered a screen or broken a charging port. Instead of investing in a whole new expensive phone, bring your old one in to get fixed! You don’t have to go to the manufacturer-owned shops, either, explain the experts at uBreakiFix. Even fancy phones like the iPhone XS can be repaired by the trained experts at your local tech repair center. Just make sure that the people who are working on your phone are manufacturer-trained and certified.

Similarly, you need to protect your smartphone from digital threats. Dropping your phone isn’t the only way to wreck it, so steer clear of shady sites and questionable downloads that could turn your phone into a broken-down mess. You may also want to invest in an anti-virus app from a reputable company.

Use Your Smartphone for Work

A smartphone is a valuable thing. That’s not just because it’s a pricey object that is useful in your everyday life. It’s also because your smartphone has the potential to help you increase your productivity and advance your career, your finances, and more.

Your smartphone gives you access to the internet and to all of the apps you might need to run your business smarter. You could use a survey service to set up a survey link, for instance: A great survey app will help you learn more about your customers, clients, or your employees. You’ll be able to set up everything from your smartphone. After all, your smartphone is just a computer in a smaller package!